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 2.5 High Efficiency Motor

Mitsubishi High-efficiency motors must have totals for these losses that are 20% to 30% less than standard motors. Thus, the technologies used in the Super Line Eco Series have succeeded in reducing these losses and increasing efficiency.

2.6 Micro Vibration Motor

The Compact Micro Vibration Motor offers solution for Feeding - Separation - Compaction - Screening in the chemical, food, packaging and pharmaceutical industry.

3.1 - Compact IGBT Inverter

Compact IGBT Inverter is a simple and safe operability, energy saving, compact design as well as superior performance features. It is designed for application such as conveyor drives, feeders, machining tool and door drives

3.2 - Variable Frequency Driver and Inverter

Adjustable-speed drive used in electro-mechanical drive systems to control AC motor speed and torque by varying motor input frequency and voltage

4.1 Centrifugal, Submersible and Rotary Lobe Pump

Industrial pumps & pump units for demanding liquid transfer applications, industrial spraying & washing, pressure boosting and more.

5.1 Aluminium Profile System

Aluminium profile system give your flexibility in conveyors, machine frames, safety guards, workstations, complete turn-key assembly lines and multi-axis positioning systems application.

6.1 - Ashworth Omni Pro Series

Ashworth is the world leader in both stainless steel and plastic conveyor belts, with extensive expertise in chiller systems spirals. Ashworth offers a variety of product to improve the efficiency of manufacturing process and productivity, especially in baking, snack, poultry and container industries, and spiral applications.

6.2 OZ PVC PU PE Silicon Conveyor Belt

PVC PU PE SILICON conveyor belts are used in almost all types of environments where anything in either unit to powder form require conveying from one area to another.