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7.1 Industrial Supplies
  • Pressure Gauge, Compound Gauge, Valve, Thermometer Gauge Placon, Pipe and Joint Racking Conveyor Roller
  • Static Control, ESD Mat, Clean Room
  • Products, Safetyware, Miki Pulley Coupling Caster and Wheel
7.2 Armoured Cable Power Cutter

A portable, light weigh and high performance power cutter

For ACSR, power cables, copper and aluminium in plasticized PVC coating, and PVC Pipe up to Ø100mm

7.3 Sensor and Controller

- Autonics Sensor and controller, Relay, Timer, Pilot Lamp, Push Button, Emergency Button

- Siemens Sirius Safety Integrated Products, and control circuit components

8.1 PLC and Motion Control

Our monitoring and controlling solutions include automation of mechatronic processes, such as control of machinery on factory assembly line; water and electricity allocation, SCADA, pneumatic control and industrial production etc.